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What is sustainability?

In business terms, to be sustainable is to 'minimise the negative effects on the environment and the society by developing more eco-friendly strategies for the present and for the long term.'.


Why is it so important?

Sustainability is VERY important for many reasons. Number one being our health. With the amount of 'fast beauty' firms in the market the pollution levels are rising, waste materials are being dumped in the ocean and natural habitats are being destroyed on a daily basis. 

In order to have healthy communities now and for the next generations we need cleaner air, a less toxic environment and an increased use of natural resources.

We also need to protect biodiversity and our local communities by supporting them, NOT destroying them!


How we do it?

First of all, we use #sustainability to appeal and become more recognised by the current generation (contributes to future) where using the hashtag is a total norm.

Before our company was founded, the main goal was to create something that is better than the rest, we knew sustainability was a key factor in this. Not many cosmetic companies in this industry highlight the environmental issues or work towards sustainable strategies. Therefore, Oh Sugar was born.

We have approached sustainability by:

  • Using glass jars as the main container for our lip scrubs. Glass is a sustainable material as it can be reused in many ways. It can also be recycled easily.
  • Using recyclable shipping boxes and biodegradable foam for packaging. 
  • We have reusable bamboo cotton pads for easier lip scrub removal. This is sustainable as it can be used for other things eg taking your makeup off and it reduces waste because you don't need to dispose it after each use.
  • Our applicators are metal NOT plastic. As plastic can be hard to recycle, metal is more durable and safer for you when it comes into contact with your lips. Protecting the environment and your own health!
  • The gift cards we provide are E-gift cards. Simply to save unnecessary shipping costs and paper waste if it was to be printed out.
  • The ingredients we use to make our products are from manufactures who believe in sustainability and have sourced the natural ingredients ethically.


GROW LOVE project!

We wanted to incorporate the importance of sustainability even when our product is in YOUR hands. 

The GROW LOVE project has been created as a fun way to reuse your glass jar once your product has finished.

With every lip scrub order you will be sent heart shaped seed paper which you can plant into your glass jar and watch it spread the love as it grows. 

We are all in this together for a better & cleaner environment!

Make sure you tag our instagram @ohsugar with the hashtags #growloveproject & #sustainability to show off your beautiful flowers growing and we may repost you!