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 Who Are We?

We are Oh Sugar! Sugar lip scrub specialists! A company founded by a young woman entrepreneur in 2020 who has an obsession with anything and everything to do with beautiful lips.

We specialise in creating sugar lip scrub using vegan and ethically sourced ingredients! You can view how our products are made on our Instagram highlights.

We started out by experimenting with different formulas and lots of research into what makes lips softer, plumper and smoother. A few months and many trial and errors later, we discovered the perfect ingredients which we then decided to use and combine to come out with the best products! 

Our aim was to develop a few different formulas for different needs. Some will have big but dry lips - which they would need a hydrating lip scrub. Some will have naturally less prone to chap but small lips - a plumping lip scrub would help. That's why some of our lip scrub contents vary. Whatever YOU need - WE create.


Our Mission

Being in the beauty industry, protecting the environment is key. That's why we choose sustainable strategies and ethical sourcing for our business.

What we want to achieve can be broken down into 3 sections:

    1. Care for EVERYONE
    2. Protect the EARTH & THE ENVIRONMENT
    3. Spread love TOGETHER!