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What is a sugar lip scrub?
- A sugar lip scrub is made up of hydrating oils and sugar crystals that help maintain your lips beautiful and healthy by scrubbing away flaky pieces and leaving a smooth surface. It also promotes blood flow making your lips appear fuller.
How much product is there?
- Our sugar lip scrubs are 30ml / 1oz ℮
What is bone char free sugar?
- Bone char free sugar is VEGAN sugar that WE use in our sugar lip scrubs. This means our sugar does not contain any animal bones in the process of refining. Many other companies are unaware of this and mislabel their products as vegan. Therefore, choose us!
Are your lip scrubs nut-free?
- Some of our lip scrubs contain almond oil (read the specified ingredients under each product)
However, some lip scrubs are nut-free themselves BUT are produced in the same environment where nut oils are handled therefore may contain traces of them.
Please check allergens before using.
Are your lip scrubs suitable for vegetarians & vegans?
- Yes.
Our lip scrubs ARE suitable for all vegetarians & vegans. We believe in inclusivity therefore we decided to make our products fully vegan.
Unlike other lip scrub retailers, we use bone char free sugar.
All of our oils, flavours and colourants are also vegan.
How often can I use my lip scrub?
- Since our lip scrubs contain sugar crystals that are 400 microns small - it is safe to use on your lips as often as you need as they don't tear skin cells as much as bigger granules do.
We do recommend to scrub gently as it is still your lips which have very thin skin.
3-5 times a week is usually enough.
Is your packaging recyclable?
- Yes.
For shipping we use recyclable cardboard boxes as well as recyclable paper labels. Our peanut-shaped foam box fillers are biodegradable.
For our lip scrubs we use glass jars to be more environmentally friendly.
However the lids of the glass jars cannot be recycled yet.
What if I haven't received my order confirmation email?
Make sure you check all your junk/spam folders first. You can also search 'ohsugar' or the name of your products that you have ordered in your email search box to bring up all the related emails.
Please allow up to 24hrs for your confirmation email.
If you still haven't received one, please contact our team using our contact form in the 'Contact Us' section.
How do I wash my reusable bamboo cotton pad?
Your reusable bamboo cotton pads can be hand washed. 
Alternatively, you can wash them in the washing machine if you prefer to.
How long is my gift card valid for?
- Gift cards purchased directly from our website are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 
Can I use my gift card after the expiration date?
- Unfortunately you can NOT use your gift card if it is expired due to this policy.
You are also NOT entitled to a refund for the remaining balance if you haven't used up your gift card or receive any other credit for it.
We apologise for any inconvenience.



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